Shop Local Now supports your local community. In most cases, we are working with the local media to promote it and we give 10% back to local charities in your hometown. It is really a win/win for everyone.


Our proprietary LEAP (Local Advertising and Engagement) Platform guarantees LOCAL views and LOCAL customers for your business. LEAP ensures that your ads, deals and offers are viewed only in your selected markets… right down to the 6 digits of your postal code. This means that only qualified, confident prospects are directed to your business.


Powerful partnerships with Local Independent Media and National Sites give your business immediate access to over 200 markets in Canada. Collectively, this group is bigger than most media groups. You choose the markets that you want to reach and we will do the rest!


We know there is more to a local community than shopping. ShopLocalNow.ca provides your business with several options for your customers to respond to. This includes (but isn't limited to): Deals, Videos, Appointments, Menus, Test Drive, Coupons, Products, E-commerce, Events, Tickets and more.

Reach New Local Customers

You might be surprised by the number of people who are looking for your business online! Let’s make sure they can find you.

They’re looking for local sales, products, services and things to do! Reach them when they are looking!

We make it easy to advertise online. Send us your ads, deals, offers and more. We will do it all for one low rate ($25 - $99 per month). All you have to worry about is those new customers!